Will Your Smoke Alarms Save You?

There Are Two Residential Smoke Alarm Technologies


Dangerously Defective


Highly Effective

In Most Homes

Contain Radioactive Material

Excessive False Alarms

Numerous Law Suits

In Most Commercial Buildings

No Radioactive Material

Few False Alarms

No Law Suits

18 Dec 2018 ~ ongoing. . .

ABC Special Investigation

Former U.S. Government (NIST)
Head Researcher Accused
of Forty Year, Ionization

Smoke Alarm Cover Up

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Part 8 - 18 Dec 18

Richard M Patton, Fire Protection Engineer
Chairman world's first residential smoke alarm standard. Fire safety advocate for over fifty years

Richard Bukowski
Former Senior Research Engineer, National
Institute of Standards & Technology (U.S.)

9 July 2018

Why this Common Safety Device Could be Banned from Homes

Safety experts calling for the ionization smoke alarms in most QLD homes to be banned.

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9 July 2018

The CSIRO has been Taken to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Pressure mounts on the CSIRO to release sensitive ionization smoke alarm test data.

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2 July 2018

Fire Safety Experts Call for Banning of Common Smoke Alarm

Ionization detectors are putting lives at risk . . . replace them immediately.

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The Aquarium Test
See For Yourself Why Your Smoke Alarm May Not Save You

Why Ionization Alarms Activate when Cooking but Often Remain Silent in Deadly Fires

Part 4 of 12 - Eyewitness News 'Deadly Delay' Investigation

WTHR Channel 13  |  Indiana, USA  |  July 2007 - 6 Minutes

Bob Segall

Award-Winning, Senior Investigative Reporter

Roger Johnson, Former Indiana State Fire Marshal

"The most important life-
safety issue the fire service will face in our lifetime."

An Important Message from the
World Fire Safety Foundation

Adrian Butler

"Australia's Ralph Nader"

Former Full Time Firefighter

Chairman, Co-Founder

18 March 2019



Greetings from Australia


Authorities Fail to Warn
About Ionization Smoke Alarms


In the ABC's 8 Part Investigation the head fire researcher of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA), has been accused of the decades long cover up of the thirty-plus minute delay with ionization smoke alarms.


See 60 Minutes' exposé, 'The Alarming Truth', the stand taken by Consumer New Zealand and how, under Parliamentary Privilege, former NSW Fire Commissioner warned ionization alarms should be banned (follow link below).


Once you discover the truth, replace all the ionization alarms in your home with photoelectric alarms. However, if you are a tenant, visit our Tenant's Lives Matter website.


We don't solicit or accept donations . . . so please, help us spread this message to all your friends and family.


Thank you.




Adrian Butler & Karl Westwell


World Fire Safety Foundation

Karl Westwell

Director of Research


World Fire Safety Foundation

15 Kurara Court, Narangba, Queensland, Australia 4504

Founded March 2000  |  Self (privately) funded  |  Does not sell anything  |  Does not solicit or accept donations

"A Fallacy. An Absolute Myth. . ."

"People have said that one is good for flaming fires (ionization) and one is

 good for smoldering (photoelectric). In my experience as a firefighter just

 about every fire I have ever been to started as a smoldering fire and went

 through a stage until it became a flaming fire. To say that they are equal
 and good for different circumstances is to me a fallacy. An absolute myth."

Commissioner Greg Mullin's testimony before Australian Senate Smoke Alarm Inquiry
Canberra, ACT, Australia | 4 Dec 2015 | Hansard Report - page 3, paragraph 12

Commissioner Greg Mullins
Former Commissioner FRNSW

Former President AFAC

Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW)
"Flawed & Dangerous" Smoke Alarm Research

Putting the Public and Firefighter's Lives at Risk

Former FRNSW Commissioner Greg Mullins had called for the banning of ionization smoke alarms.


After Commissioner Mullins retired in January 2017, a false claim, based on FRNSW smoke alarm research, aired on national Australian TV program, 'The Project' on 22 January 2018.


FRNSW claimed ionization smoke alarms responded to smoldering fires just "30 seconds to a minute" slower than photoelectric alarms.  This is incorrect.


FRNSW research was not peer-reviewed.  It has now been peer-reviewed by experts in this field, experts even the FRNSW acknowledge in their report.  What have the experts concluded?


The experts agree: the research methodology used in the FRNSW study was flawed.  The simple fact is this: ionization smoke alarms are on average 30 minutes (not 30 seconds) slower than photoelectric smoke alarms to activate in real-world, smoldering fires. Numerous legitimate scientific studies conducted around the world confirm this.

FRNSW Smoke Alarm Research - Peer Reviews

How Many Lives Have Been Lost Because

the Public Has Not Been Told the Truth?

"I've often been cautioned that I should be quiet "because we do not..
  want the public to lose faith in smoke detectors." This statement..

 implies lives will be lost if we tell the American public the truth..


 I think the exact opposite is true. How many lives have been..
lost because the American public was not told the truth?”

Extract : Deputy Chief Fleming's letter to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA)

From the WFSF's 'C.A.N. Report' | Feb 2007 | Page 6

Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Dept, MA, USA
Smoke Alarm World Expert

"It's About Banning the Ionization Technology..."

"It's about banning the ionization technology
and only having the photoelectric technology."

Quote from Chief Marc McGinn,  Albany Fire Dept, CA, USA
Channel 7 News, Today Tonight, | Sydney, Australia | 03 May 2011

Chief Marc McGinn (Ret)
Albany Fire Dept, CA, USA

on Australian National TV

Chief Marc McGinn (Ret)
Albany Fire Dept, CA, USA
Extract: '
California Makes A Stand'

Former Fire Commissioner* Wants
Ionization Smoke Alarms Banned

Channel 7 News  |   NSW Edition  |   Feb 2016 - 106 seconds

0:00  “The Fire Commissioner* says Australia’s most common
          (ionization) smoke alarm should be banned.”

*After 39 years of service, FRNSW Commissioner and AFAC President Greg Mullins retired in 2017.

Upgrade on Smoke Detectors

Channel 10 News  |  Dec 2015   |   107 seconds

0:33 “The research that Commissioner Mullins has spoken about
         quite definitively says that a photoelectric smoke alarm is better."

Adam Dalrymple, Director Fire Safety, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Melbourne, Australia | Smoke Alarm Senate Hearing | Dec 2015

0:54 “Photoelectric detectors sense smoldering fires on average
30 minutes earlier than ionization detectors.”

Quote by David Isaac, Fire Protection Engineer, | Standard Australia FP002 Committee Member | Dec 2015


Testimony & Submissions

Second Hearing - Parliament House, Canberra, ACT  |  4 December 2015

Rebecca Le Tourneau - Producer, 60 Minutes Australia

"Industry Politics which are wasting time and risking more lives . . . Ensure the Australian
 Building Codes Board takes it head out of the sand and mandates interconnected
 photoelectric smoke alarms
across Australia before the next family fire takes its next family."

Rebecca Le Tourneau, 60 Minutes Producer of the ionization smoke alarm exposé, 'The Alarming Truth' (see film below)

Rebecca Le Tourneau

Producer, 60 Minutes

60 Minutes' Submission > > >

David Isaac's Testimony > > >

". . .no manufacturer wants  to admit, there is any..
performance problem with ionization smoke alarms."

David Isaac, Fire & Safety Technologies Pty Ltd  |  Australia's leading
fire safety expert  |  Standards Australia Committee FP002  member

David Isaac - Fire & Safety Technologies Pty Ltd

David Isaac, Standards Australia Committee

Greg Mullins - FRNSW Commissioner *   |  AFAC President

". . . ionization alarms should be banned . . .  and the standard itself
    (AS3786-1993) is flawed."

*After 39 years of service, Australasia's most senior fire official, FRNSW Commissioner and
  Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council President Greg Mullins, retired in 2017
  Note: AFAC is the peak representative body for all Australian & New Zealand fire brigades

Commissioner Mullin's Testimony > > >

Commissioner Mullins, President AFAC

May - June 2018

"Consumer N.Z. calling
 for ionization alarms to

 be pulled from shelves."

More > > >

"We think ionization

  alarms should not

 be sold in New Zealand."

More > > >

Major New Zealand Retailers Stop Selling Ionization Smoke Alarms.

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15 March 2017

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Are Your Smoke Alarms Safe?

Former Firefighter Calls for Ban on Ionization Alarms

Adrian Butler
Chairman, WFSF

Sep 15 ~ Jan 2017

Queensland's Photoelectric-Only

Smoke Alarm Legislation

". . .  ionization . . .  we want these banned . . ."

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Louie Naumovski
Founder, Logan House

Fire Support Network

20 May 2015

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Dr Larry Marshall

'CSIRO ActivFire® Certification

is Costing Lives'


World Fire Safety Foundation

Open Letter to CSIRO CEO


"The world is a dangerous

  place to live; not because

  of the people who are evil,

  but because of the people

  who do nothing about it."

Albert Einstein

"Ignorance, allied with..
power, is the most.. ferocious enemy..
 justice can have."

James A Baldwin

"All that is required..
for evil to triumph .
is for good men..
 to do nothing."

Edmund Burke