There Are Two Residential Smoke Alarm Technologies


Not Fit For Purpose


Highly Effective

In Most Homes

Contain Radioactive Material

Excessive False Alarms

In Most Commercial Buildings

No Radioactive Material

Few False Alarms

"Consumer New Zealand Calling

 for Ionisation Smoke Alarms to

 be Pulled from Shelves."

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May 2018

"...Ionisation Alarms

    Should Not be Sold

    in New Zealand."

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A word from the
World Fire Safety Foundation

Adrian Butler

"Australia's Ralph Nader"

Former Full Time Fire Fighter

Chairman, Co-Founder

World Fire Safety Foundation

20 June 2018


Ionization Smoke Alarms:  'The Alarming Truth'


Greetings from Australia.


Australian Government (CSIRO) scientific test data proves ionization smoke alarms have life-threatening defects.


Hard to believe?  Click the link below and see 60 Minutes exposé, 'The Alarming Truth' for yourself.


You'll see 60 Minutes' testing with fire fighters, meet David Isaac, Australia's leading fire safety expert, and discover the alarming truth about ionization smoke alarms (whether battery or hard-wired), the most common type of smoke alarm found in most homes.


After you discover the truth, please help us spread the word.


Thank you.




Adrian Butler & Karl Westwell

Co-Founders, World Fire Safety Foundation

Karl Westwell

Director of Research


World Fire Safety Foundation

World Fire Safety Foundation

15 Kurara Court, Narangba, Queensland, Australia 4504

Founded March 2000  |  Self (privately) funded  | Does not sell anything  |  Does not solicit or accept donations

12 Jan 2016

Former Fire Commissioner* Wants
Ionization Smoke Alarms Banned

Channel 7 News  |  Feb 2016  |  NSW Edition  |   106 seconds

“The fire commissioner* says Australia’s most common smoke
alarm should be banned; other experts claiming the flawed
alarms have failed to save thousands of lives.”

*After 39 years of service, FRNSW Commissioner and AFAC President Greg Mullins, retired in 2017.


Testimony & Submissions

Second Hearing - Parliament House, Canberra, ACT  |  4 December 2015

Greg Mullins - FRNSW Commissioner*   |  AFAC President

"The main message is that only photoelectric smoke alarms should

  be allowed . . . My personal view is ionization alarms should

  be banned . . . and the standard itself (AS3786-1993) is flawed."

*After 39 years of service, Australasia's most senior fire official, FRNSW Commissioner and Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council President (AFAC is the peak representative body for all Australian & New Zealand fire brigades) Greg Mullins, retired in 2017

Commissioner Mullins, President AFAC

Commissioner Mullin's Testimony > > >

David Isaac's Testimony > > >

"The essence of the problem is that no manufacturer wants..
  (or industry representative of a manufacturer wants) to admit,.
  there is any performance problem with ionization smoke alarms."

David Isaac, Fire & Safety Technologies Pty Ltd  |  Australia's leading
fire safety expert  |  Standards Australia committee FP002  member

David Isaac - Fire & Safety Technologies Pty Ltd

David Isaac, Standards Australia Committee

Rebecca Le Tourneau - Producer, 60 Minutes Australia

"Industry Politics which are wasting time and risking more lives . . . Ensure the Australian
 Building Codes Board takes it head out of the sand and mandates interconnected
 photoelectric smoke alarms
across Australia before the next family fire takes its next family."

Rebecca Le Tourneau, 60 Minutes Producer of the ionization smoke alarm exposé, 'The Alarming Truth' (see film below)

Rebecca Le Tourneau

Producer, 60 Minutes

60 Minutes' Submission > > >

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NSW Fire & Rescue Say Research Settles Smoke Alarm Safety
Debate, Critics Disagree

22 Jan 2018

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American Red Cross Smoke Alarm Campaign

Putting Children's Lives at Risk

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Dr Larry Marshall CEO

WFSF Report: 'CSIRO ActivFire®
Certification is Costing Lives'

Queensland's Photoelectric-Only

Smoke Alarm Legislation

The Story Behind the Legislation

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Katarina Carroll

QFES Commissioner

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