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Whistle Blower Interviews

with Labarron Boone Esq., Partner & Shareholder

Beasley Allen Law Firm  |  Montgomery, Alabama  U.S.A.

14 February 2014  |  15 Minutes

U.S. Attorney, Labarron Boone interviews with  World Fire Safety Foundation Chairman, Adrian Butler. Butler explains about life-safety and legal issues with ionization smoke alarms in the U.S. and Australia and how he believes Australian Government (CSIRO) scientific test data is the key to solving the ionization smoke alarm travesty globally.


13 March 2014  |  33 Minutes

U.S. Attorney, Labarron Boone interviews world smoke alarm expert & Fathers For Fire Safety Co-Founder, Dean Dennis. After His daughter died in an off-campus fire, Mr Dennis has been instrumental in legislation mandating photoelectric smoke alarms across the U.S. and in Australia.

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14 June 2014 |  23 Minutes

Alabama Law Suit

A law suit against one of the world's largest ionization smoke alarm manufacturers was set to go to trial in Montgomery, Alabama in April 2014. Three children had died in a home fitted with working ionization smoke alarms.  U.S. and Australian experts were scheduled to testify when the case was settled out of court with a Protection Order and Confidentiality Order.

Australian Litigation Strategy

The smoke alarm manufacturer settled after it was deposed by the court, i.e. they were forced to provide Australian Government (CSIRO) scientific test data showing the level of visible smoke their ionization alarms activated at under Australian Standards  testing conducted by the CSIRO. This vindicated the 'Australian Litigation Strategy', i.e. requesting test data held by manufacturers and the CSIRO in the increasing number of  law suits when ionization smoke alarms fail to sound a timely warning.

Smoke Alarm Experts with Alabama State Fire Marshal
Discussing Alabama's 2014 Fire Death 'Epidemic'

Alabama SFM Ed Paulk (2nd from left) with Dean Dennis (left);
Adrian Butler (2nd from right) and David Isaac (far right)

31 March 2015  |  1 Minute

Beasley Allen Law Firm with principal Leigh O’Dell.


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