The North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association is the most progressive fire department in the U.S. advocating for photoelectric smoke alarms.

Extract: NEOFPA's Website

NEOFPA Videos on Facebook Playlist

The 'Ohio U.S.A.' playlist on the World Fire Safety Foundation's Facebook site includes numerous videos showing how the NEOFPA has been instrumental in spreading the message about photoelectric alarms across the U.S. and Australia.


"The world is a dangerous

  place to live; not because

  of the people who are evil,

  but because of the people

  who do nothing about it."

Albert Einstein

"Ignorance, allied with..
power, is the most.. ferocious enemy..
 justice can have."

James A Baldwin

"All that is required..
for evil to triumph .
is for good men..
 to do nothing."

Edmund Burke