Queensland's Photoelectric-Only
Smoke Alarm Legislation

The Story Behind the Legislation. . .

Part 2

21 September 2015

QLD Fire & Emergency Services Commissioner

Wants photoelectric
alarms in all homes

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Part 3

23 September 2015

Logan City

Wants photoelectric
alarms in all homes

Wants photoelectric

Part 5

Louie Naumovski

Co-Founder LHFSN

8 December 2015

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Part 4

3 November 2015

Cr Luke Smith &
Louie Naumovski

Wants photoelectric
alarms in all homes

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01 September 2015

Part 1

Logan House Fire
Support Network

Want ionization
smoke alarms banned

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The Legislation. . .

Part 6

'Superior Smoke Alarms to Save Queensland Lives'

3 December 2015

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Part 3

23 September 2015

'TODAY Investigates: Smoke Alarms'

Channel 9 Australia |  23 September 2015

Since June 2006 Australian and New Zealand Fire Brigades
have been advocating for photoelectric smoke alarms.
"There are more calls to make photoelectric smoke
alarms compulsory in all homes to protect families."

01:53 Logan City Mayor, Pam Parker:

"The federal government needs to legislate that every household in Australia

  has a photoelectric smoke detector installed."

02:11 Acting Commissioner, QLD Fire & Emergency Services (QFES) Neil Reid:

"All fire services throughout Australasia (Australia & New Zealand) support

 photoelectric smoke alarms and have done since 2006."

02:58 Aislin Kriukelis, Reporter, Channel 9 News:

"But the biggest problem with ionization alarms lies in the kitchen ... they're more likely to cause false alarms."

02:40 Acting Commissioner, QFES, Neil Reid:

"The ionization smoke alarm may never go off in this scenario..."

03:22 Aislin Kriukelis, Reporter, Channel 9 News:

"After an inquest into the deadly 2011 Slacks Creek fire, a Queensland Coroner

 recommended laws be changed as soon as possible to force the installation of

 photoelectric alarms in every building where people sleep. It's now been almost

 a year since that advice was given, and still no laws have changed.


 But the strongest warning comes from a Mum, like Belinda, who wishes it wasn't

 too late.

03:44Belinda Warwick, Mother, Fire Victim:

"It should be compulsory now to have the photoelectric alarms."

03:57 Belinda Warwick, Mother, Fire Victim:

"Roman would still be here if we would have had them."


03:57 Karl Stefanovic, Channel 9 Today Show Co-Host, 60 Minutes Reporter:

"After we did 60 Minutes last year we got all the alarms

 changed in our house. It's worth doing just to ease your mind."


Lisa Wilkinson, Channel 9 Today Show Co-Host:

"We've got all ours being changed on Monday, really important."

"The world is a dangerous

  place to live; not because

  of the people who are evil,

  but because of the people

  who do nothing about it."

Albert Einstein

"Ignorance, allied with..
power, is the most.. ferocious enemy..
 justice can have."

James A Baldwin

"The only thing..

necessary for the.. triumph of evil is that..

good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke