Queensland's Photoelectric-Only
Smoke Alarm Legislation

The Story Behind the Legislation. . .

Part 2

21 September 2015

QLD Fire & Emergency Services Commissioner

Wants photoelectric
alarms in all homes

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Part 4

3 November 2015

Cr Luke Smith &
Louie Naumovski

Wants photoelectric
alarms in all homes

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Wants photoelectric

Part 5

Louie Naumovski

Founder LHFSN

8 December 2015

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Part 3

23 September 2015

Logan City

Wants photoelectric
alarms in all homes

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01 September 2015

Part 1

Logan House Fire
Support Network

Want ionization
smoke alarms banned

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The Legislation. . .

Part 6

'Superior Smoke Alarms to Save Queensland Lives'

3 December 2015

Part 6

Queensland's Photoelectric-Only Legislation

03 December 2015  |  Parliament House, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Jarrod Bleijie Queensland's Shadow Minister for Police, Fire, Emergency Services and Corrective Services discusses the proposed bill for mandatory photoelectric legislation put forward in the QLD Parliament with

Mr Keith Golinski (centre) and Logan House Fire Support Network Founder Mr Louie Naumovski (right).

Superior smoke alarms to save Queensland lives

Published: 3rd of December 2015

The LNP Opposition is leading the charge to change smoke alarm legislation in an effort to prevent tragedies such as the Slacks Creek house fire in 2011 where eleven people tragically lost their lives.


Yesterday the LNP Opposition introduced a bill to amend the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 that seeks a staged transition to photoelectric smoke alarms for all Queensland domestic dwellings.


Shadow Minister for Police, Fire, Emergency Services and Corrective Services Jarrod Bleijie said the bill sought to ensure photoelectric smoke alarms were the only type approved to be used in residential homes, as recommended by the Coroner in his report into the Slacks Creek house fire.


“The Slacks Creek tragedy was the greatest loss of life in a domestic house fire in Australia,” Mr Bleijie said.


“The findings from the Coroner indicated that smoke alarms were either not present in the house or weren’t maintained, which led to eleven people tragically losing their lives.


“It is clear more can be done to protect Queenslanders and ensure, if a house fire occurs, people get out safely.


“That is why the LNP’s bill seeks to introduce the photoelectric smoke alarms, a more superior smoke alarm, to increase the chance of survival during a house fire.”


Mr Bleijie said the Coroner’s report noted that photoelectric smoke alarms respond more quickly to a broader range of fires and are less likely to cause false alarms.


“These types of smoke alarms are already mandated in commercial premises and we believe they should also be mandated in domestic dwellings as well,” he said.


“The bill provides for a staged transition to photoelectric smoke alarms in Queensland, as recommended by the Coroner, and if passed will commence from 1 July 2016.


“If smoke alarms are already installed, Queenslanders have three years until 1 July 2019 to transition over and replace old alarms with a photoelectric alarm.”


Mr Bleijie said despite the Coroner’s recommendations being released in November 2014, the Palaszczuk Labor Government continued to hold Queensland back by its failure to act.


“These recommendations go to the heart of keeping our community safe and while Labor sits on its hands, the LNP is working to ensure vital issues like this are addressed,” he said.

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