"CSIRO test data proves the ionization smoke alarms in
almost all Australian homes are defective. Because the
CSIRO is aware of the life-threatening defects they have
a Duty of Care to reveal the truth - not withhold it."

Adrian Butler

Adrian Butler, Chairman, Former Full-Time Fire Fighter, Co-Founder The World Fire Safety Foundation, Australian Smoke Alarm Senate Hearing, Brisbane, Australia  |  26 Oct 2015

    Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is one of the world's largest government scientific agencies. The CSIRO is paid to test smoke alarms to the specifications laid out in Australia's smoke alarm standard (AS3786-1993).
     In February 2006 a senior CSIRO employee and member of the Standards Australia FP002  committee that oversees the smoke alarm standard, revealed that CSIRO test data proves the  ionization type of smoke alarms in most Australian (and U.S.) homes do not activate in their scientific testing until "dangerously high" and "totally unacceptable" level of visible smoke.

    Despite repeated requests, the CSIRO refuses, without just cause, to release the test data or to suspend or withdraw its certificates of conformity (see below).

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The CSIRO Continues to Issue Certificates of Conformity for
Ionization Smoke Alarms Instead of Suspending or Withdrawing them


The CSIRO has failed in its Duty of Care to suspend or withdraw its Certificates of Conformity

for all ionization smoke alarms since 01 February 2006 when their senior materials scientist and

Standards Australia smoke alarm committee member revealed that scientific test data since 1993

proves ionization smoke alarms are unable to respond reliably to the presence of visible smoke.

Note: This sample CSIRO Certificate of Conformity for an ionization smoke alarm was extracted from the CSIRO's ActivFire website on 18 Nov 2015

CSIRO's ActivFire® Certification Scheme

Promoted by Australian Fire Services

This brochure was extracted on 1 November 2015 from the QFES website:


Note 1:

This brochure is an example of how the CSIRO's ActivFire® certification of photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms is promoted by fire services throughout Australia.

Note 2:

Over 99% of fire fighters are unaware that the Australian Standard (AS3786-1993) is flawed and that ionization smoke alarms are unable to pass AS2362.17 Smoke Alarm test for visible smoke.

The Australian Governments (CSIRO) ActivFire® Scheme

This image was extracted on 1 November 2015 from the Australian governments (CSIRO) ActivFire® website:



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